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Our wide range of protection packages can cater to your financial needs.
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Our Products

For Individuals

Life Insurance  for Income Continuation


Protect Your Future From Life’s Uncertainties

Designed to achieve financial security, Sun Life provides you affordable life insurance protection plans that can help take care of your family’s needs no matter what happens.

Educational Plan


Secure a Brighter Future for Your Child

Fund the dreams of your child, empowering and enabling him to fulfill his aspirations.

Life Insurance for your Retirement Needs 


Enjoy an Inspired, Financially-free Retirement

With the rising cost of elderly care, gone are the days when pension can cover our retirement needs. Sun Life offers life insurance plans that provide peace of mind and enable you to build a fund for your golden years.

Life Insurance for Estate Preservation 


Passing Your Wealth to the Next Generation

Wealth transfer and preservation is not just for the rich. It is essential for anyone who wants to ensure that their loved ones benefit from their inheritance and not burdened by it. Sun Life offers a variety of life insurance plans that ensure your legacy is passed on to your beneficiaries hassle-free, securing their future even when you’re gone.

Life Insurance for preparing for milestones  


Have Peace of Mind While You Aim for Your Life Goals

Nowadays, a lot of financial solutions can get you to your goals in life. However, Sun Life offers you a better solution. Through its life insurance and investment-linked insurance plans, you can grow your money as well as secure the future of your family no matter what happens, helping you reach the dreams you have planned together.

Supplemental Health Protection Products  


Live life to the fullest while protecting your health and wealth

Life is brighter when your health and wealth is well taken care of. Sun Life’s health protection plans are here to make this possible by providing you the best care should an illness strike, allowing you to live a full and brighter life with your loved ones.

Pooled Funds for the Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive Investors


Partnering with Sun Life for a Brighter Future

As Filipinos, we are hardworking and resourceful with our money. This makes investing a viable opportunity to build and grow wealth for our financial goals. In Sun Life, we have created easy and accessible investments with the right mix of funds for every risk profile. Whether you are budget conscious or seeking to maximize your earning potential, we have investment options to help grow your financial nest.

Travel Insurance


Worry-free, fully covered travel insurance

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, our Travelsafe Insurance Plans are designed to cover the unexpected and give you peace of mind so you can have a worry-free trip.

Health Insurance


Medical expenses is a savings drainer! Protect your income from unexpected medical bills with our health insurance packages.

Peso Health Insurance Plans for age 0 – 100  (Subtitle)


Select (age 0-65) 

A peso plan that allows no-cash-outlay medical treatment using our accredited hospitals or swift reimbursement of medical expenses up to PHP 1,500,000 for each disability per lifetime or aggregate per year.


LifeStyle (21-40) 

A medical plan designed for the young age market (for new business clients age 21 to 35), with hospitalization benefits up to PHP 250,000. LifeStyle also offers Out-Patient Benefit (including Dermatologic services), Personal Accident Benefit, plus special treats for a well-balanced lifestyle.

Peso Plans for age 66- 100 


Premier (66 -100) 

A Peso plan for Senior Citizens (66 years old and above). Maximum coverage is up to PHP 1.5 million for each disability per lifetime.


Dollar Health Insurance Plans for 0-100 (Subtitle)


Blue Royale (0-65) 

Blue Royale gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have the right people on your side in the event of a crisis. Our commitment to excellence and service coupled with our unmatched benefits make Blue Royale the best choice for you!


Blue Royale Premier (66-100) 

A worldwide Dollar plan specifically designed for senior citizens that offers complete freedom of choice for the best medical care.

Pet Insurance


Protect Your Furry Friend, Hassle-Free.
Protection and peace of mind, not just for the pet owner but for the fur baby as well..

For Businesses

GROUP HEALTH BC Flexi Access and BC Flexi Access Plus


BC Flexi Access

Provides a comprehensive and customizable range of healthcare benefits for a company or group with at least twenty (20) employees.


BC Flexi Access Plus

Our recommended value-packed healthcare benefits for small (at least 3 employees) and medium-sized (at least 10 employees) businesses with a maximum of 50 employees.

Group Life Insurance for your Organizations Needs


Partnering with Sun Life for a Brighter Future

Contrary to popular belief, life insurance is affordable to every Filipino who wants to protect their future. Through group life insurance, Sun Life can help companies and organizations provide affordable life insurance to their members.

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