Finance In a Minute Founder Mrs. Johanna Wan Lonzon wins big at the 7th Annual Sequioa Excellence Awards Night - Finance in a Minute
Mrs. Johanna Wan Lonzon, founder of Finance In a Minute, ranked 6th at the 7th Annual Sequioa Excellence Awards Night.
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Finance In a Minute Founder Mrs. Johanna Wan Lonzon wins big at the 7th Annual Sequioa Excellence Awards Night

2022-2023 Macaulay Club Vice President

Finance In a Minute Founder Mrs. Johanna Wan Lonzon wins big at the 7th Annual Sequioa Excellence Awards Night

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Mrs. Johanna Wan Lonzon, the founder of Finance In a Minute, has certainly made important contributions to the finance industry and received recognition for her exceptional accomplishments. She has had a long-lasting effect on the sector as a proponent of financial literacy and safeguarding Filipino lives.

26.74% Production Growth Award

Her impressive output development is one of her noteworthy accomplishments. She has accomplished an amazing 26% increase in production over the prior year. Her incredible accomplishment is a credit to her perseverance, effort, and dedication to greatness.

153418296 YTD AC and TOP 6 Absolute AC Award

She was ranked 6th in AC contribution within the Sequoia Branch.  This accomplishment is a testament to her remarkable sales abilities and capacity for producing excellent outcomes. Her accomplishment demonstrates her commitment to giving her clients financial solutions.

Top 10 Lives Count Producer Award

To be recognized as a Million Dollar Round Table Member is a remarkable achievement. People who exhibit great professionalism, moral behavior, and first-rate customer service are awarded this esteemed title. Being a part of this exclusive club highlights Johanna’s skill and dedication to maintaining the best standards in the business.

Johanna also achieved the honor of becoming a Macaulay Member and a Vice President. This accomplishment demonstrates her capacity to guide and motivate people towards success while continually producing outstanding outcomes. Her membership in this select club demonstrates her exceptional leadership abilities and commitment to quality.

7th Sequoia Excellence Award

Being the recipient of the Platinum Medallion for four consecutive quarters makes Johanna stand apart. This award acknowledges her dependable efforts and exceptional contributions to her field.  Johanna is a genuinely unique person in the finance field because of her unwavering devotion to professionalism and excellence.

In addition, Johanna was in the top 9 in terms of insured lives from the previous year. This accomplishment demonstrates her sincere concern and commitment to protecting Filipinos’ way of life. She has had a significant impact on people’s futures and contributed to the development of a stable financial environment for the Filipino community by offering financial security to individuals and families.

Mrs. Lonzon's fruit of excellence

It is undeniable that Mrs. Johanna Wan Lonzon, the creator of Finance In a Minute, has accomplished a great deal in the finance sector. Her remarkable accomplishments in areas like commissions, production development, and membership in esteemed groups like the Million Dollar Round Table and Macaulay Member qualifying as VP, among others, shows her commitment to professionalism and excellence. Her incredible performance and dedication to secure Filipinos’ lives through financial education have further distinguished her as a remarkable leader and advocate in her industry.

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